What if I told you that this was the easiest pancake recipe you'll ever make? Using my method to make sheet pan pancakes from a mix, you'll be able to serve your entire family fresh pancakes with only 10 minutes of prep.  That's right, no standing in front the stove, flipping pancakes for an hour while the rest of brunch gets cold on the table.


– Pancake mix – Milk or water – Eggs – Greek yogurt – Toppings of choice

What kind of pancake mix do you use?

My personal favourite pancake mix is Krusteaz, however I also grew up with Pearl Milling company and also love the pancake mix they have. I find both of these options work great in this recipe and will turn out light, fluffy and full of flavour.

Can I use a different yogurt?

I highly recommend using Greek yogurt or a thick yogurt in this recipe. The yogurt will act as a buttermilk substitute as well as thickener to help create light and fluffy pancakes. I have not tested any other thinner yogurt options.


To make gluten-free: I have not tested this recipe using a gluten free pancake mix. If you decide to try, please let me know how they turn out! To make dairy-free: The Greek yogurt acts as a buttermilk substitute in this recipe, I do not recommend substituting it with any non dairy yogurts at this time. To make nut-free: Ensure your pancake mix was made in a nut free facility! Use whatever mix-ins your heart desires!

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