Greek Smashed Turkey Burger Pitas

What if we combined two of the world's most delicious meals, loaded pitas and smashed burgers?  Once we throw in some Greek-inspired flavours, you've got one of my family's favourite dinners: Greek smashed turkey burger pitas.


-- Oil -- Ground Turkey -- Garlic -- Spices -- Fresh Parsley -- Feta Cheese -- Pita -- Toppings

What is a smash burger?

A classic smash burger is a burger made by smashing the meat of choice onto a grill with a spatula. This sears the meat on the outside, locking in the juices and flavour. I love this pita variation- it's a must-try!


These Greek smashed turkey burger pitas are best eaten fresh. If you have leftovers, you can store the cooked smashed pitas and toppings separately in the fridge for up to 3 days in airtight containers.

Top Tip

For even cooking, please ensure you are smashing the meat to reach an even thickness on the pita. You can lift the edges with a spatula to double check if you are worried.

Is this a balanced meal?

They definitely are! The whole wheat tortillas are a great source of fiber, the turkey meat is a great source of lean protein and then you can load them up with all the vegetables of your choice. For even more veggies, you can serve with a side salad.

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