Slow cooker meals are seriously the best because they're low maintenance (dump and cook!) and always turn out super delicious. Your chicken comes out tender and infused with rich flavour, since it's been slow cooking for hours. It's the secret for any flavorful meal and can be used for chilis, lentil soups and curries.


– Chicken breast – Diced tomatoes – Salsa – Chicken broth – Quinoa – Lime juice – Black beans – Corn kernels – Yellow onion – Bell peppers – Zucchini – Taco seasoning – Kale – Cheddar cheese


– Cheese – Avocado – Sour cream or     Greek yogurt – Green onion – Crushed tortilla     chips

Can I prep the ingredients and freeze them before cooking?

Yes you can! If you would like, simply add the liquid, chicken, seasoning, and veggies into a freezer bag and freeze until ready to be used. Defrost in the fridge overnight and in the morning add everything to your slow cooker along with the uncooked quinoa.

What type of taco seasoning do you recommend?

I personally like the low sodium option from Old el Paso because budget friendly and convenient.


To make gluten-free: This recipe is naturally gluten-free. To make dairy-free: Use a dairy-free cheese. To make vegan: I have not tested this option, but you can try leaving out the chicken and replacing the chicken broth with veggie broth. To make nut-free: This recipe is naturally nut-free.

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