Meal prepping protein sources is one of the ways I make weekday meals fast, easy and balanced. Seriously, there's no better feeling than having only 5 minutes to pack lunch and remembering you have a delicious tuna or chicken salad in the fridge!


- Canned tuna - Celery - Green onion - Carrots - Greek Yogurt - Mayonnaise - Sriracha hot sauce - Soy sauce - Rice vinegar

What do I eat with tuna salad?

The best thing about this spicy tuna salad is how versatile it is. You could eat it in a sandwich, wrap, tuna melt or add to a salad. It makes an amazing spicy tuna bowl when served with rice, or transform it into a handroll with nori sheets.

Is canned tuna high in mercury?

Canned tuna is generally lower in mercury, however Health Canada has issues recommendations for canned albacore tuna for breastfeeding/pregnant women and children. For most of the population, canned tuna is a healthy choice to enjoy in a balanced diet with other protein sources!

Top Tip

To really speed up the prep time, I use a food processor to shred the carrots and a vegetable dicer for the celery. You could even use bagged coleslaw mix to skip the veggie prep altogether.


Spicy tuna salad can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days in an airtight container. The Greek yogurt may separate slightly after 1-2 days leaving a bit of liquid on top of the salad, however you can just mix once again prior to serving.


To make gluten-free: Swap the soy sauce for coconut aminos or tamari. To make dairy-free: Replace both the Greek yogurt and mayonnaise with ¼ cup + 2 tablespoon of dairy-free mayonnaise. To make nut-free: This recipe is naturally nut-free.

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